With over 30 years of fire safety experience and a professional team of consultants and engineers, we can provide you with various services to meet your specific requirements.

We have worked in several industries to improve fire safety, and have had exceptional and rewarding results. For example, our founder has worked within the healthcare, construction and education industry, to name a few.

Along with our founder, we have skilled and qualified engineers and consultants with a wide array of experience, stemming years. We strongly believe that a strong team is the foundation for success, and helping our clients achieve their goals.

You can find out more about Fire Safety Partnership, and discover the founder behind the brand, along with examples of industries we have worked in. You can also browse through our website to check out our services, case studies and more, to give you a better understanding of who we are and what we offer.

We hope that the information you find on our site will help you make an informed decision about your fire safety needs. Take a look through our services and see which one can help you improve your building’s safety while reducing the chance of fire hazards and risks.

You can also contact a Fire Safety Partnership team member if you have any questions about our services and values. We can also help if you simply need pointing in the right direction regarding what service is right for you.

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