With so much experience, knowledge and tips gained through our many years of fire safety service, we wanted to give back.

This news page shares relevant information, advice and latest industry news, so you can verify that your building abides by safety regulations.

Our aim is to share common misconceptions about safety proceeds and identify ways to ensure your building and its occupants’ safety. We will also spend time sharing relevant services and how they can benefit you.

From landlord fire risk assessments, to design reviews and dangerous substances explosive atmospheres assessments, and more, we will discuss it all here on our news page.

We will explain what different fire safety assessments entail, which one you need to carry out, and what new regulations are being introduced in comprehensive detail.

Our news page’s objective is to inform, educate, and advise our readers, regardless of if they are a client or not, as we want to make sure every building is safe. We hope you take the time to read through our news articles, and that they might highlight issues you might previously be unaware of.

Browse through our collection of news articles today and see what you discover.

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