At Fire Safety Partnership, we have a strong focus on creating strong relationships with our clients, through exceptional customer service and services that meet and exceed their expectations.

To do the latter, we have a wide range of high-quality services, which are carried out by experienced consultants or engineers, depending on the service.

All our services aim to help improve your building’s safety or functionality, as we endeavour to make sure your building is safe for your tenants and you. We have many high-quality services, ranging from healthcare estate project support to fire risk assessments for complex buildings.

Our services also include landlord fire risk assessments, fire strategies, dangerous substances, explosive atmosphere assessments and external wall systems. All of our services aim to protect lives, reduce risk and ensure a safe environment for tenants, employees and employers. Some services will help identify risks, while others will inform you of how to reduce risks and implement it.

Regardless of the service you pick, all of them have one thing in common. We aim to meet your set requirements which means communicating effectively with you, to ensure a positive outcome.

Browse through our collection of services to see which one suits your fire safety requirements. If you are unsure of what services you need, you can always contact a Fire Safety Partnership team member. We are always happy to help those that need our assistance.