When it comes to the safety of the people in your building and your business, a fire strategy is a must. A fire strategy provides the responsible person with all the relevant information to ensure that you are abiding by certain regulations and ensures that you have the right measures in place in the case of a fire.

This blog post will explain what a fire strategy is and why your business needs to have one in place.

What Is a Fire Strategy?

A fire strategy includes a clear and cohesive set of actions that encompass the management of fire safety and physical fire precautions as set out in Approved Document B. The fire strategy also consists of the development along with the implementation of policies that address the relevant risks.

The overall aim of a fire strategy is to protect the lives inside a building while protecting assets and business continuity. The main and most important element, however, still revolves around protecting the people within the building.

Why Your Business Needs a Fire Strategy

Your business needs a fire strategy to reduce the risk of a fire and ensure the safety of the people in the building. The aim of a fire strategy is to ensure that the people inside the building can evacuate quickly and safely protected by the active and passive fire systems.

A fire strategy also provides peace of mind and security to the people in the building while including certain methods to ensure that your business can get up and running as quickly as possible after a fire.

What Your Fire Strategy Should Cover

Your fire strategy should include several elements to ensure your business’s safety and the people on your premises. For example, your fire strategy should include the building description, with the layout and material to assist fire services in the time of a fire. The strategy should also include an evacuation strategy, emergency lighting, fire safety signage and protection etc…

How to Create a Fire Strategy

With many years of fire safety experience, our professional team of fire safety consultants can help develop a fire strategy that will help the landlord, fire risk assessor, management and others, to ensure safety and security.

We can consult you on your fire strategy and help keep your business operational and what that includes. We are happy to answer any fire safety questions you have. Contact Fire Safety Partnership today, and we can recommend a service that suits your needs.